CBD Critical XXL Feminized

CBD Critical XXL Feminized
European Certified Hemp x BCN Critical XXL F12 selection

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6,49 €

About our CBD Critical XXL Feminized seeds

CBD Critical XXL has CBD levels around 10% and very low THC levels, 0.5% or lower. It’s a high CBD, low THC feminised seed variety which grows vigorously under a wide range of conditions. This indica variety can stretch by 40-50cm during bloom, so indoor growers should be prepared for a reasonable amount of stretch.
Flowering takes just 8-9 weeks, this is fast and easy to grow. You will notice numerous frosty, compact buds with bright orange hairs. CBD Critical XXL is a very attractive variety and will be popular with those that want to grow CBD weed which won’t get them high. With such low THC levels you can’t experience a psychoactive high from this variety.
This unusually aromatic CBD variety produces some rich kush and pine terpene profiles with a hint of liquorice. CBD Critical XXL is easy to grow and resistant to pests and disease. Growers should note that this strain needs only a light nutrient regime to grow well, though she will tolerate heavier nutrient doses.
Outdoor harvest is in mid October (Northern hemisphere).
*We advice to stock the seeds carefully until it is allowed to germinate them if you are in an area where cannabis growing is not allowed. If you do decide to germinate these seeds it is your responsability to comply with all valid laws. We are not responsible for any offences.

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