Thin Mint Crack Feminized

Thin Mint Crack Feminized
Indica - Sativa
Thin Mint Cookies X Green Crack

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9,99 €

Acerca de nuestro Thin Mint Crack Feminized seeds

Thin Mint Crack uses some of the most sought after Girl Scout genetics (the Thin Mint phenotype) which contains Durban Poison and OG Kush. Thin Mint genetics have earned a reputation for fearsome potency and consistently easy growing characteristics. These stunning USA genetics are often found in the best dispensaries, with top of the range 20%+ THC levels. Green Crack is a mentally invigorating sativa dominant Skunk #1 phenotype with a refreshingly powerful soaring high. When Thin Mint Cookies was hybridised with Green Crack the result is Thin Mint Crack. The dominant member of the hybrid is the Thin Mint Cookies, this ensures a powerfully and mentally numbing indica dominant effect. This is a 75% indica/ 25%sativa hybrid with an exhilarating high, medium height and an XL harvest of dense medium sized buds. You may notice a minty and fruity skunk aroma which is sweet on the exhale. The high is quite special, with a long lasting body stone which makes your day exceptionally pleasing and happy.
Thin Mint Crack is easy to grow. This is a photoperiod feminized seed variety which produces plenty of long blooms with a serious THC white resin frosting. She takes a full 9 weeks to bloom and doesn’t cause any headaches in the grow room, these established genetics simply grow themselves. Harvests are on the heavy side, though this variety is all about the quality delivered from some excellent THC rich parent genetics. This is another variety with excellent yields for producers of cannabis concentrates and extracts. Thin Mint Crack also suits the home grower looking for a powerful indica dominant variety with a strong high, good pain relieving properties and good yields, as well as a proven genetic pedigree.
*We advice to stock the seeds carefully until it is allowed to germinate them if you are in an area where cannabis growing is not allowed. If you do decide to germinate these seeds it is your responsability to comply with all valid laws. We are not responsible for any offences.

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