How to germinate and grow cannabis seeds

There are several different methods for germinating and growing cannabis. Here are our guidelines:
Good germination conditions have a stable temperature of 20-25 °C and soil at about pH 7.0. The soil should be moist, if its too dry the seeds will not germinate
Step 1
Germinate the seed.  Place your seed about 5 mm deep in soil and lightly press
down the soil on top.
Step 2
Give the soil a light spray with water. The soil should be moist. not soaking wet
Step 3
Seal the plant container with transparent plastic kitchen film,this seals in the moisture
and creates a mini greenhouse.
Step 4
During the first 10 days the seeds should have germinated, with the first set of leaves
visible. The plastic kitchen film can be removed, and you can put the seeding under light,
ensuring the soil remains moist.

Growing Indoors, Outdoors and in Greenhouses

Cannabis grows naturally outdoors but its easy to grow indoors and in greenhouses.

Indoor Cannabis Growing:

Most indoor cannabis growers have a tent (or room) which contains a light, carbon filter and an air extraction fan. Temperature should be kept around 25°C which allows the plants to grow in optimum conditions and produce good quality cannabis. The most common mistakes made by indoor growers are over-watering and over-feeding their plants.

Outdoor Cannabis Growing:

Just find a sunny growing spot with good quality soil.  Seeds can be started indoors and planted out when they are a couple of weeks old. In reasonable conditions good outdoor variety can reach 3 meters tall and produce over 1Kg of buds. Outdoor growers often say that outdoor grown cannabis has the best taste and effects.

Greenhouse/ Polytunnel:

In cooler climates a greenhouse or polytunnel will extend the growing season and make it easier to grow cannabis by protecting your plants from the worst of the early Spring and late Autumn weather.