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  • BCN Critical XXL Autoflower grown outdoors in Denmark.

    It’s unusual to see outdoor grown cannabis in places like Denmark. The further north you go, the more challenging it can be to get a successful outdoor crop. You need tough genetics which can mature quickly. Autoflower seeds have become very popular with outdoor growers with cold climates. In this... Continue reading
  • Large scale cannabis farming with cheap autoflower seeds from Seed Stockers.

    Autoflower seeds from Seed Stockers in bloom in Morocco This weeks Seed Stockers blog comes from some North African cannabis farmers that wanted to upgrade from local poor quality cannabis seeds to higher quality ‘European Quality’ cannabis seeds. The main reason for switching from traditional Moroccan cannabis seeds... Continue reading
  • Sticky Monkey GG#4 Wins European Plant of The Year 2018

    Sticky Monkey GG#4 European Plant Of The Year Sticky Monkey GG#4, a feminized photoperiod cannabis seed variety, took 1st Prize at the Soft Secrets 2018 European Plant Of The Year cannabis cup contest in Amsterdam. It’s the first Cannabis Cup for Seed Stockers, and a prestigious one. Sticky... Continue reading

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