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  • Seed Stockers Candy Dawg feminized seeds grown under LED

    Candy Dawg is an indica dominant feminized photoperiod seed variety from Seed Stockers. The genetics combine three of the USA’s most reliable recent varieties, (Candy Kush x Chem Dawg) x OG Kush. THC levels are 23% and over when this variety is grown in good conditions. Candy Dawg is a... Continue reading
  • Seed Stockers Super Skunk feminized grown outdoors

    This weeks Seed Stockers blog features Super Skunk Feminized  This is a classic Skunk selection from Seed Stockers, the genetics offer a high THC content alongside heavy yields. And like all good skunk genetics, the plants are easy to grow and cultivate. Super Skunk can be grown indoors or outdoors. This outdoor plant... Continue reading
  • Seed Stockers Candy Dawg Autoflower grown in hydroponics with LED.

    This weeks Seed Stockers grow review features Candy Dawg autoflower. She was grown here on the autoflower network. Part of the medical grow was to help a patient with MS, many MS patients find cannabis a help in managing the discomfort and symptoms of MS. The grower uses the following... Continue reading

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