Blackberry Gum Autoflower

Blackberry Gum Autoflower
Indica Dominant
Bubble Gum X Blueberry

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Special Price €2.50

Regular Price: €4.99

About our Blackberry Gum Autoflower seeds

Blackberry Gum auto is one of the best looking autos that we have seen with a rich fruity taste and aroma to match. The Blackberry Gum auto will be the first jar you reach for in the evening, its a very powerful smoke with THC levels of 22%+. The buds are colorful and appealing, with blue colours often present in the buds along with a deep powerful aroma and a fast hitting high. The high is euphoric with a relaxing feel-good anti-anxiety high and a long lasting effect. Grows well indoors or outdoors with any grow method.

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Reviews (8)

on 11/24/2018 Celso matsuda wrote:
Que maconha boa sou aqui do Brasil e ela cresceu muito bem aqui no outdoor THC forte e bem cheirosa recomendado a todos brasileiros ....
on 10/29/2018 Kyle greenthumb wrote:
Defenitliy will be trting more strains. Has a very strong buzz and is very vigorous.
on 10/7/2018 Hecno AFN wrote:
Great strain , Last plant I got 187 grams and after 1 month cure the flavour really came out with a very nice after taste . Also a very tough plant ideal for topping and training .
on 9/27/2018 Edo wrote:
Was very happy with the quality and quantity this plant produces. Grew 2 plants, one was more Blackberry(colorful bud, and blackberry aroma's), the other more Bubblegum, both were nice and potent.
I had absolutely no problems growing these.
on 9/24/2018 Greg collins wrote:
Im days away from cutting down my very purple BG the other is more green but is taking on purple hues and may run a week or 2 longer
I got these free!! I will be back for more after tryin some of seedstockers other pips(waitin on og kush order fer next grow) you wont be disappointed people!! Only 4 stars coz l aint smoked it!!
on 11/16/2017 Xavier wrote:
The growth potential on this variety is the best I have seen, she reached 1m tall and gave me over 130g from a secret garden 120cm tent. Best of all is the color and aroma, unusual and special. Friends loved it
on 9/23/2017 Rambo wrote:
This is the most beautiful plant I've grown. This girl is a pleasure to grow. She has a strong growth and can reach 300grams+ even in soil if the environment is correct. I would say 150-200 grams on average. Depending on phenotype there is either a berry-smell or a chew-gum-smell. The one smelled like chew-gum is the best smelling plant i ever smelled. I was sold even before I smoked her. The high is head-high but it's still an indica feeling. This strain is something everybody should try out. I'm growing her again as we speak!
on 8/16/2017 striker wrote:
Somewhat different to your average auto, my two had purple hints in the buds. One of them finished with a light blue-ish main bloom, the other was a bit more green. Both had a rich fuel/fruit smell too, quite a change from the usual. Smoke was good after 1 week drying and 1 month in my jars. Yield was above average for my room, a good choice.

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