BCN Power Plant Feminized

BCN Power Plant Feminized
Sativa Dominant
Power Plant BCN Selection

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About our BCN Power Plant Feminized seeds

Power Plant was originally a Dutch Passion classic famed for XL harvests and a fantastically enjoyable high. The BCN Power Plant is a prized phenotype selected in Barcelona which produces exceptional strength cannabis (23%+ THC) with an unusual trippy, long-lasting high. This carefully selected phenotype has the XXL harvests you would expect from Power Plant, and combines it with a very appealing and special high which will keep you coming back for more. It's satisfying, relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Easy and fast to grow, this variety suits growers looking for a special variety, with a unique high and good harvest quantities.
*We advice to stock the seeds carefully until it is allowed to germinate them if you are in an area where cannabis growing is not allowed. If you do decide to germinate these seeds it is your responsability to comply with all valid laws. We are not responsible for any offences.

Reviews (4)

on 8/30/2017 jacky boy K wrote:
I heard about Power Plant many years ago and chose the Seed Stocker version due to the cheap price. She had 5 weeks in veg and 8 weeks in bloom, In coco fibre I pulled 175g, no issues at all in growth. Next time I want to try the auto
on 8/18/2017 Tommy V wrote:
A brand new HPS bulb quit on me just as bloom started, so I had to get another. It wasn't the best start, but things were back on track soon enough. No problems with the seeds at all, great quality buds, healthy plants
on 8/16/2017 Haroldinho wrote:
I cant really remember the original Power Plant for comparison, but anyway this one was good enough for me. 5 seeds (out of 6) germinated quickly, the last seed took 6 days to germinate but I don't know why. The plants were consistent, around a metre in my tent. Smoke after a one month cure was as good as anything else from the last couple of years. Suits any sativa fans that like a strong high
on 8/16/2017 Ivan wrote:
Ya, a good smoke from this variety but I haven't tried any of the other autos yet. Seeds arrived in a 4 days in good packaging. 2 plants were harvested after 70 and 75 days. Very good results but indoor growers need a good filter on this.

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